Vital statistics
Full Name Zondervan
Age At most, a senior
Birthday Unknown
Debut Real Life of Heroes
Alignment Antihero
Role Host of "ZTV News," high school student
Home(s) Planeptune
Species Human
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Weapon of choice Gigantic key ("It's not a keyblade!")
Transformations N/A
Family Wealthy mother
Allies Nearly everyone in Planeptune
Enemies Plutia
Nicknames Zone-tan, Zone-rat (by Sara)
Status Alive

Zone-tan is a minor character appearing in Real Life of Heroes as Planeptune's #1 local news anchor.


In all iterations, Zone-tan is a no-nonsense character, easily annoyed and highly intolerant of those who strike her as unintelligent. Her rage is easily quelled by a well-placed compliment, however, and she is famous for being a flirt. As such, she enjoys toying with others.

Real Life of Heroes

Zone-tan is best described as opportunistic in her work as a newscaster, and she fully utilizes her position to antagonize those she interviews live on the air. Some in Planeptune would argue this is part of her "charm."


Real Life of Heroes

Zone-tan's name is explained in RLoH to be Zondervan, although on-air she is referred to as Zone-tan. Additionally, as further reference to her series of origin, her mother owns the news station (also called ZTV News.)

It is still unclear as to what exactly she is so famous for.

She exposes the identities of Sara, Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia, Nepgya, IF, and Compa on air following their visit to ZOLGE Co., sparking the angry mob that gathers outside the Bluesmiths' home. Later, when Sara is hospitalized, Zone-tan and her crew stake out her hospital room and film a live segment there, enraging them, until finally Plutia destroys their camera and then, pushed overboard, punishes Zone-tan in front of her crew, the Nep sisters, and Bluesmiths for a solid twenty minutes before Harold calls her off. Zone-tan is utterly broken by this, and leaves with the assistance of her crew.

She is particularly invested in the ongoing feud between the Student Council and Public Morals Committee as far as her work goes, and enjoys bringing constant updates on the situation to fan the flames.



  • In Real Life of Heroes, upon saying goodbye to Sara she recites a shortened version of her usually-vulgar catchphrase ("I'm watching you!")