Note: This character belongs to the Saints Row francise.

Zinyak is the main antagonist of the RP Side Story Simulation. So far this is the only RP he's appeared in.

Simulation RP

Early History

Zinyak lead the Zin invation on Earth years before the RP began. Acording to Kinzie, Zinyak put up a force feild around earth that allowed him to contol what got in or out and the weather as he sees fit. His Zin forces have taken down many strong heroes such as Mario and Sonic. Even Shadow the Hedgehog was defeated by him. And whenever he captures a fallen hero, he either puts them in simulations or makes them part of his army. He then wanted to make an example out of someone who didn't follow his rule, but due to everyone scared to break any laws, he used two law-abiding citizens, Sia and Crash Man, to strike more fear to the people of Earth. But instead of killing the two teenagers, he televised their adventures in the simulations, which soon became popular world wide and brought supporters to the Zin propaganda. However, since Zinyak captured Shadow, he had to face the most dangerous rebelle of Earth, Moonstone the new Nightmare Queen, for years to come. Mocked and insulted with every squad he sends after her.

Sia and Crash Man's Escape

At the beginning of the RP, he bore witness to Sia and CM's attempts to escape. He spoke to them over the intercom and told them to surrender right before Kinzie rescued them. Soon after, he recieved what seemed like a report from one of the Zin Commanders sent to kill Luna, only for it to be Luna and Pessimis insulting his forces once again before he cut the lines off while swearing.

Meeting with the Nightmare Queen

Some time following Sia and CM's escape, one of the common Zin soldiers came to give Zinyak the message sent by Luna to meet her at the Ruins of the White House alone and unarmed, thretening to kill more squads if he tried to pull a trick.



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