Life of Heroes 3

In LoH3, it is implied Zim's soul goes to Hell in the circle reserved for betrayers.

7 Years Later

Zim and GIR make cameos in Life of Heroes RP: 7 Years Later taped to Kang and Kodos' heads, respectively, when they "invade" Black Doom's UFO.

Another World

ZIM and GIR are featured in Another World.


  • Zim makes a reference to the Invader ZIM episode when he yells "THE HALLOWEENIES!" making a reference to Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom.
  • Since Zim despises the Black Arms, it is possible that he also hates Rigelians, so Kang and Kodos probably captured Zim and GIR and wore them on their heads as some sort of symbol of fierceness.
  • Ironically, despite being the main villain in both parts of Death From Above (although it wasn't realized until the very end, just before the Black Doom robot killed him), in the show and other media he is often seen as a comedic villain/antihero.


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