Z is the daughter of Alfa the Wizard. In a fight with NightDusk 1,000 years ago, he caught her off guard and warped both of them to the year 1997, and he used his magic to convert her body and soul into data and imprisoned her in the hard drive of an incomplete computer. Later, in 2013, she was freed, although her age and time without food, water, or natural light took a toll on her appearance that wasn't present as software.


"Z" unintentionally freed herself when Crash Man supposedly died and Pinky began watching porn nonstop to try and dull his sadness. After a week, the naive girl was so traumatized by the videos her spirit broke free from the computer, also bringing out everything else NightDusk sealed in it.



"Z" was a popular girl in her village, with a friendly personality and thus, many friends, and a high intellect to boot, though easily disturbed by partial nudity (i.e. swimsuits, etc.)


After having witnessed Pinky's pornographic obsession stemming from Crash Man's death, Z held a large distrust in modern people, believing them to be interested only in sex. She has since become emotionally closed off from her peers.

She refused to speak with her father even when Sia told her she knew him, and it was later revealed in Real Life of Heroes that she spent a short time as a prostitute sometime after her release.

Post-Fate life

During Pessimis' Shadow Z becomes re-acquainted with Alfa during their stay on Seminar Island. She looks considerably healthier since Sia last saw her. She offers her help at certain points, but overall preferred to let her father do his job.

During this time she also reveals her name, Zathura, but still goes by Z in the presence of Sia and Noah's companions.

She has become somewhat fascinated with elegies. When Pinky's spirit is in stasis, she offers up several to Q-Pid, citing them as vital to returning his soul to his body, although she only ended up needing one before he came back on his own.

She also gets along so well with her father because of her distaste of technology, particularly computers.


  • Her real name is Zathura.
  • In an uncharacteristic change of heart, Zathura calls Sia Sapphire and Pinky pricks after they refuse to revive Crash Man in Life of Heroes 4.

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