Wild Sky City is a large and heavly populated city located in North America. The city is well known for all the flight transportations located in the city.


Life of Heroes RP 3

While trying to find a way inside Shadow's Starship to rescue Jak, the group consisting of Ratchet, Clank, Daxter, Keira, the Cooper Gang, Yoko, and Juanita asked Miss Luna questions about the starship, to which she pointed them in the direction of Wild Sky City to seek help from Ray. The arrived at Wild Sky via helicoppter, but couldn't land to close to the city or violate the air zone or else the city's high security would find the Cooper Gang. As a solution to the problem, Yoko went out into the city a "borrowed" some disguises from residents of the city. Once ready, the group found the home of Ray and May the Flying Squirrles. Ray was hesitant to help, still alittle tramatized by his previouse experiance escaping durring Black Doom's invation, but was encouraged by Juanita to help.

Sabir's Return to the Bad Future

When Sabir escaped a Fusion Arm airship, he landed in the ruins of Wild Sky before meeting Diamond and Salma at the near by Chao Guarden. Salma then showed Sabir the secret underground pathway hidden amond the ruined city. Later in the day, Sabir was tasked to find a Chaos Emerald hidden somewhere in Wild Sky. As Sabir found the emerald, Scar attacked Sabir for the emerald, but left empty handed when the rest of RAFA came to help Sabir. The next day after Shadow was freed from Lord Fuse, Scar explained to Sabir about "The Battle of Wild Sky" and how it was one of Shadow's first major assults. In the aftermath of the conflict, nearly every resident and visitor, including Tails, was killed, with Ray the Flying Squirrel being the only survivor.


The following characters are confirmed residents of Wild Sky

Ray and May the Flying Squirrels - Lives together in the only two story building in the whole city.

Ruby the Fox - Currently lives among her peers at the Flight Academy.

Jade the Fox - Born in Wild Sky City, but is currently always on the move.