Vital statistics
Full Name Void
Age 150 Years
Birthday NA
Debut Life of Heroes 3
Alignment Unknown
Role the Nightmare Queen's right-hand (formerly), Ally of Pessimis (formerly)
Home(s) Seminar Island (currently), Nightmare Realm (formerly)
Species Nightmare Maginairy
Gender Male
Height 3'0"
Weight immeasurable
Weapon of choice corruption (inactive)
Transformations NA
Family unknown


Allies Alfa the Wizard, Lumina Flowlight.


Enemies Unknown
Nicknames Nightmare
Status Immortal

NOTE: This character belongs to SEGA. It is also worth mentioning that this version of the character is not the same as their original version from the official material.

Void is the only nightmare maginairy to exist in the Dream Dimention. He debuts at the end of Life of Heroes 3 before returning in Life of Heroes 4 as a major character.

Roles in the RP

Life of Heroes 3

Void only appears once near the end of the RP during one of the two scenes teasing the Pessimis' Shadow arch for LoH4. In this scene Void enters the secret chamber discovered by Eli, Demi, and Cosmo. He then shattered the Scepter of Darkness, the item which sealed Mephiles the Dark for thousands of years before escaping to the Nightmare Realm with him.

Life of Heroes 4

Void returns in Life of Heroes 4 as one of the major characters of the "Pessimis' Shadow" arch. In the beginning he served Morrigan the Nightmare Queen and Pessimis as one of their strongest soldiers, thanks to his corruption powers that lead to the death of Queen Regina. His next assignment after that was to hunt down Lumina Flowlight and kill her as well. However his Precious Stone was cracked thanks to an energy spear fired by Mephiles which resulted in his Defacto-Loss being his ability to remember his past.


  • Void's age was based off of the upcoming age of the game Sonic Shuffle, about to turn 15 after Void's debut in the RP.


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