"Yeah. If you think you can handle the Vile Fiends team, then you're way more mistaken then you think!" - Q-Pid anouncing the Vile Fiends's name.

The Vile Fiends are a group formed by some of Sia's old ememies. They first form this group while helping Shade with trying to stop NightDusk from his plans in the RP Solo Story: Shade's Master Shadow.... NightDusk. They first appear as a whole group in the Solo Story: Sia's Hometown Shock Part 2 when then came to attack Sia after she came back to her home. In the RP, they were all basicly introduced at different times.

Team Members

Shade Amethyst - Leader. Introduced 1st in the RP and 2nd in the second RP.

Venomiss - Right hand and Co. Leader. Introduced 3rd in the 2nd RP.

Mud-Bud - Wepontry captain of the team. Introduced 4th in the 2nd RP.

Lake - Inteligence of the group. Introduced last in the 2nd RP.

Q-Pid - Machanic of the Vile Fiends. Appeared in the most RP Solo Stories so far and appeared first in the 2nd RP.

Itty Kitty - Spy.


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