Vic Vector

Note: This character belongs to EA's MySims series.

Vic Vector is the janitor hired by Dr. F and Alexa Lexington on Rocket Reef. He makes his debute in Life of Heroes RP 3.


Vic Vector was first seen sweeping the front of Dr. F's lab befor Dark Black and her Dark Elite Squad stormed around the lab. Dark Black then tells Vic that she needs his vast knowledge on the paranormal and monsters, to witch Vic agrees. On the DNA's ship, they discuss the first monster Dark Black plans to capture: Piggsy.

Vic was quite impressed when Dark Black captured Piggsy, having him down without being touched. Once they loaded Piggsy, they continued their search and informed Dark Black on where her next target, Sweet Tooth, was located: Endsvill.


  • Vic makes a refferance to the MySims Kingdom hero when telling Dark Black he gets his figurines from "a buddy of his".


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