Venomiss 2
"Sorry, but we're not letting you destroy another Aure Energy Guardian!" - Venomiss befor saveing Shade.

Venomisses Stats


Mud-Bud (boyfriend), Lake, Q-Pid (disagrees on many things however), Shade, Sia (truce), CM (not really).


NightDusk, Spark (arch-rival)


Cruel, Mean, Gothic, punkish, gets anoyed by Q-Pid alot.




Anti hero, slightly hero

Venomiss (毒ミス Dokumisu) is a character in the Solo Stories: Shade's Master Shadow... NightDusk and Sia's Homwtown Shock and also in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. She was the first one to talk to Shade when he was walking in the town. Her boyfriend is Mud-Bud and Venomiss is also the CO. leader of the Vile Fiends. In the RP, she alowed the heroes to borrow the Vile Fiends's plane. She is currently traped inside a relm of fears with most od the heroes.


Venomiss can grow her nails an inch longer and use them to slash her foes. Her nails also glow a purplish pink color. There is poison in them, and if she scratches her enemies, they'll get poisoned. However, her poison is curable.



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