Venice new2
 Note: This character is based on concept art of a character belonging to SEGA.

Venice's Stats


August the Mink (prior to revival) Venice the Mink (currently)








15 (prior to death and revival), 16 (currently)


Terios, Prof. Boobowski, Fusion Opperations



Venice the Mink is a character planned to appear in the Life of Heroes RP 3.

RP History

Previouse Life

About five years prior to the first Life of Heroes RP, he was an avarage, teenage, Mobian Mink named August who had a laid-back outlook on life. But one day he was involved in an accident which caused his untimely death at the age of 15.

Early History

Five years later, agents of the illigal sciance facility called Fusion Opperations dug up his corps and brought it back for exparamenting. Along with testing that repaired his fatle injeries from his accident, his body was fused with the energy sealed in the mysteriouse Lightning Stone. August, now known as Venice the Mink, was another of the Fuseion Opperations' successful projects. However, he contains no memories from his former life due to the tests.

Life of Heroes 3

One year after his creation, Terios (the product of another project finished one week before Venice) finds him in his room sleeping late as usual.




  • Venice the Mink was the first concept art for Silver the Hedgehog.
    • This takes part in the irony of Venice's future story plot involving Ice the Hedgehog trying to kill him, considering that in the first RP, Ice and Silver were known to have a strong dislike for each other.
  • Venice's creation was around the same time as the the first Life of Heroes RP.

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