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Vector appeares as the leader of The Chaotix in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. He, along with Espio, Charmy, and Mighty, were called by Crash Man and Sia to help fight Black Doom.

Vector's Stats
Vector Shadow The Hedgehog Artwork


Espio (team mate), Charmy (team mate), Mighty (team mate), Crash Man, Sia, Luna Moonstone.


Black Doom, Red, Nina, Dr. Tropy, Bowser, Spark.



Riders of Will

Vector appears as a competitor in the Extreme Gear Ultra Tournament and is the first to be eliminated. He raced on his Extreme Gear, Hard-Boiled. He is replaced by Sonic the Hedgehog as the 10th racer in the Green Prix (Green Hill Zone, Green Hills Zone, Mecha Green Hill Zone) the following day.

Seven Years Later

Seven Years Stats


Espio the Chameleon (team mate), Charmy Bee (team mate), Mighty the Armadillo (team mate), Luna Moonstone (team mate).


Red Bloodstone, Dark Black, Sabir the Hedgehog, Valdez the Chameleon.





In the Seven Years RP, Vector is still the leader of the Chaotix. In his first appearance, he opened a window and threw a show at Espio, thinking that a trouble maker was outside. But then relised that it was Espio. Vector and the Chaotix were send to an Abandoned Workyard the next day to find that it was an ambushed from [[Red Bloodstone|Red and Dark Black. After fighting them for a while, Vector and the other Chaotix escaped from the ambushed. Vector is presumaly currantly with Charmy and Mighty at the Chaotix H.Q.

Bad Future

Vector is one of the survivors of the bad future, as shown in Sabir's Return to the Bad Future. He servs as a member of the resistance group Sabir encountered in his first day in the bad future.


  • He references Scrap Brain Zone in Life of Heroes RP 3 when battling Metal Sia aboard the Death Egg II when he calls it a "scrap-brain".
  • In Part 2 of the Detectives special of Ask the Characters, Vector says that he can still do the Donut Dash. He later uses this move in Sabir's Return to the Bad Future while fighting Sabir.
  • In Sabir's Return to the Bad Future, Vector says to Salma that he's known her dad since he was a teenager. This could be referancing his and Espio's first appearance in Knuckles' Chaotix.