Note: This character belongs to the Sonic Archie Comics

Valdez's Stats


Dark Black, Red, Sabir.


Espio, Luna, The Chaotix.


Evil (currently)

Valdez is one of the two deceased characters who Dark Black Revived in the Life of Heroes RP: Seven Years Later. Valdez was revived to discorage Espio, knowing that he would interfear with Drak Black's planes. Unlike his robotinized form from when he was alive, Valdez memories were returned to normal, but dew to Drak Black's dark energy that she used for the revivination prosses, Valdez'z memories and feelings were sealed off.


  • Valdez is the first character that was first introduced in a Archie Comic that appeared in the RP
  • Valdez is the first character that SierraSia has controlled in the RP that is not a fan-made character.

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