• *during their travels through space in the Solana Galaxy*

Sabir: *in the passenger seat, deep in thought* ... Hey Silver, can I, uh, ask you something?

Silver: *in the pilot's seat driving the ship* What?

Sabir: Well during the four months we were separated, I noticed that when I talk, my voice started to sound funny the longer I talk.

  • *Silver notices that Sabir's voice was changing from a high pitch to a low pitch without control*

Silver: Yeah, I just noticed that too.

Sabir: And, well... I think that... *turns off the radio* Silver, can I ask you questions about going through puberty?

Silver: *slowly glances at Sabir*

  • *moments later Silver jumps out of the window, causing sirens to blare inside the ship*

Sabir: ... Why am I not surprised?

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