• *Sly and Murray are having a conversation with one another, Bentley is researching information on his laptop, Clank explains to Keira about his mechanisms and structure, and Ratchet is playing a game of cards with Daxter*

Juanita: *pets Black Doom's Eye as she looks around the van*

Yoko: *tinkers with one of her advanced yo-yos as she notices Juanita* Gettin' board, Nita?

Juanita: Maybe a little. I haven't been on a trip this long since that one time me and my family went on that road trip to Spagonia.

Yoko: *thinks for a moment* Hmm... Oh, I know. How about we play the Name Game.

Juanita: Name game?

Yoko: Ya know, where you take someone's name and put it into a song. For example, my name. *a-hem* Yoko Yoko bo Boko, banana fanna fo Foko, fee fie mo Moko... Yoko! See? You try.

Juanite: Oh, okay, umm... Sly Sly bo Bly, banana fanna fo Fly, fee fie mo Mly... Sly!

Yoko: There you go! Ok um... Murray Murray bo Burray, banana fanna fo Furray, fee fie mo Urray... Murray.

Juanita: Neat! Ok, umm... *looks at Knuckles in his chicken form, who's starring at Nita's backpack trying to peck it to bring out Doom's Eye* Let's try Knuckles!

Yoko: !

Juania: Knuckles Knuckles bo Buckles, banana fanna fo Fu--

  • *Yoko quickly covers Juanita's mouth with her hands and looks around to see that everyone is starring at them*

Cluckles: *turns bright red in the face*

Yoko: Uh... On second though, let's try another game.

  • *she then notices that BD's Eye has been glairing at her ever since she covered Nita's mouth*

Yoko: ... After you call off your pet?

  • *Juanita gives a thumbs up to BD's Eye, which causes BD's eye to squint it's eye at Yoko before slowly sinking back into Nita's backpack*

Yoko: *gets chills from BD Eye's movement*

Juanita: ? What's wrong? Are you cold?

Yoko: ...Yeah, sure...

(The End XD)

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