Mk2 Uni

Uni is the CPU Candidate of Hyper Dimension's Lastation. Her many similarities to her sister stem from her crippling inferiority complex, but because of this she is far less arrogant and makes friends.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Uni B NvZ

Uni wears this uniform to attend Noire's private school in Real Life.

Uni retains her role as Lastation's Patron Candidate, and her personality remains intact. She attends Lastation's private school, which Noire established following the Planeptune fiasco. Although she shares Noire's skilled mentality for ruling, she divides her time between her friends and running Lastation. Despite this, she still gets about as much done as Noire, yet thinks she's falling behind. It doesn't help that Lastation is the only district with a mere two Patron Units.

Obsessed with tech (particularly rifles and other firearms,) she focuses much of her free time toward upgrading her own guns with special parts she finds or creates herself. Particularly gallant with a rifle, her special attacks are flashy and efficient.

She was trained in the martial arts by none other than Tekken herself, and similarly to her sensei she has developed masochist tendencies to cope with pain.



  • In HDD form, Uni shrinks in general, her bust most drastically; this has led Nepgear to think she stuffs her bra.

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