Threetails Chao are strange Chao born with three tails. Although mainly that's the case, sometimes they are only born with one or two and the other one(s) grow in later in it's life. Scientists are trying to exploit the Threetails Chao and Tails Chao genes and create three-tailed Tails Chao that can fly farther and faster with their extra tail, although all breeding yields only Threetails Chao of the three-tailed mother or father's breeds or a normal baby Tails Chao. Experiments show that Chao breeded this way are extremely dumb and usually do something stupid to kill themselves unless they're under careful supervision, leading experts to theorize a negative reaction between the Threetails and Tails Chao genes. Additionally, they have noted that through breeding of Threetails and normal Chao, two-tailed Chao have been produced.


Threetails Chao can be traced back to the eleventh century, in the Amazon Jungles, first discovered by Tupi tribespeople who then proceeded to exploit them by trading them and their eggs to neighboring tribes for high prices.

Approximately around the beginning fo the twelfth century, they began to be worshiped as the mortal Chao children of the gods due to their extra tails.

Later, when forced to leave their sacred grounds after attacks by Zhan Hu, several Threetails Chao were brought to Asia by refugees in boats. Many of the Chao left behind were either eaten by the newcomers, fell out of the refuge boats and drowned, or died violent deaths during the final attack. Threetails Chao lived in the USSR for centuries in secrecy until their discovery in 1973.

Russians reported having seen three-tailed Chao tipping over their trash and evading Soviet gunfire after. Soon they were flushed out of their secret burrows and exterminated on sight from then on, labeled public health hazards.

Soon they made their way into North America and the United Federation by boats and other means of transportation in secrecy, and found by GUN soldiers in the UF.

Naturally these Chao were captured and researched on in laboratories until GUN deemed them safe to the public, although with varying levels of intelligence.


Today Threetails Chao are falling prey to poachers who sell them alive and dead to black market vendors, as well as taking their eggs. However, recently their population has spurred to higher numbers in the Chao Galaxy.

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