Telempathy is an ability many characters have that was introduced in the Life of Heroes RP. It's commonly used throughout the Life of Heroes RPs by characters.

Basic Telempathy

Basic Telempathy is the usual telempathy. Characters talk to eachother by thoughts that are only heard by selected character(s). It's the most commonly used.

Dream Telempathy

Dream Telempathy is when two people are communicating eachother simaler to Basic Telempathy, but are asleep durring this. Unlike Basic Telempathy, Dream Telempathy shows the currant appearance of a person and also the terrain can change when one person thinks of a new one. It feels more real then a normal dream. This is the most powerfull kind of telempathy in the RPs, as it can be use no matter how far away two people are.


  • Telempathy is the most common ability that possibly all the characters possess.

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