Team Mystery Symbol

Team Mystery's Stats


Luna Moonstone (leader), Mega Man, Wreck-It Ralph, Ristar, Mr. Pants, Q*bert, Mail, Speedy Eggbert, Captain Qwark


Ruby the Fox, Dr. F, Sia Sapphire, Crash Man


Doctor Eggman, Black Arms, Shadow the Hedgehog (formerly), Lord Fuse, Fusions, NightDusk

Team Mystery is a group of characters in the Life of Heroes RP 3. This group currently consists of Luna Moonstone, Mega ManRistar, Wreck-It Ralph, Mr. Pants, Q*bert, Eggbert, Captain Qwark and Mail.


  • Team Mystery's first actual appearance was in the Life of Heroes RP Fanon Wiki. It was one of the many teams in SierraSia's fanon RP game, Sonic Heroes Life of Heroes Version. In this fanon game, Luna was also present in the team as the speed factor, but it's other two members were Mighty the Armadillo and an Angel Chao (whom was soon replaced by Fat Cat). It's currently unknown if Mighty, Fat Cat or the Angel Chao will also be part of Team Mystery in Life of Heroes RP 3.


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