The Station Square Museum is a landmark of the shantytown, Station Square. It is in bad condition, with only four objects on display and half of the building being destroyed by Perfect Chaos.

Objects on display

  • Mephiles' Air Shoes
    • "The Air Shoes said to have been worn by a destructive god in an alternate form. These shoes would be priceless, but since the god has never been proven, they're bunk. But they DO look familiar..."
  • Type-J
    • "The former Extreme Gear of the Extreme Gear master and leader of the Babylon Rogues, Jet the Hawk. It has been replaced by the Type-J II.
  • Captain Hook's Sword
    • "The very weapon Hook wielded against Pete Pan. Captain Hook's entire wardrobe was a part of our collection, but unfortunately a small animal stole it, warding off our guard with a busted beer bottle. Pity."
  • Gold Mushroom
    • "A Gold Mushroom. They're delicious, nutritious--and turn you into solid gold allowing you to become invincible for a short time and shoot fireballs out of your hands that turn other things gold. (whew!)"


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