The Slipper Watch is an item in the Life of Heroes series. It was formerly called "Sabir's time machine" befor given an official name.


It was designed to be a time machine that is more conveniant to carry around and simple to use. It allows time travel by, when set to a certain date, opens a time slip to that very date in the time line, past or future.

Proto Version

As the proto type of the Slipper Watch, it's functions as a time machine is excelent. So far, only two Proto Versions were shown in the RP, both belonging to Sabir Moonstone. However, it has the noticable problem of, while sending the user to the setted date, transports them to random locations of that time. Also, while never designed to do so, also seems to be able to take one into alternant dimentions through space, as seen when Sabir and Scar uses one.

Slipper 1.0

This version of the Slipper Watch is more accurate on locations setting than the proto type. So far in the RP the only ones known to have this version of the Slipper Watch are Diamond the Lion and Yoko Sniper. However, there is a small glitch in this version considering the location settings. And like the proto version, it seems to be capable to send one through space as well.


Sabir Moonstone - Owns two of the Proto Version. He's the one who is seen using the device the most.

Diamond the Lion - Given the Slipper 1.0 some time after the first time traveling with Sabir. So far hasent been seen useing it.

Yoko Sniper - Giver the Slipper 1.0 some time after the first time traveling with Sabir.

Sabir "Scar" Moonstone - While unsure what version of the Slipper, he used it to travel to the past.

Juanita the Chameleon - Took one of Sabir's Proto Versions to go to the past with Annabelle, then took it again to go to the past to get back Maria's necklace given to her by the future Shadow.

Espio the Chameleon - On his own, he only use it once to return to the his time after a fight with Yoko. It's most likely that he took Diamond's when he didn't noticed, though what happened to it afterwords is unknown.

Silver the Hedgehog (possibly) - Though he could be using Chaos Control to time travel, it's also possible that he might use one as well.

Blaze the Cat (possibly) - Though she could be going with Silver when he uses Chaos Control, it also possible that she might use one as well.


  • The Slipper Watch's name was named after the paranormal Time Slips, which it's programed to create.
  • As of yet, how all characters, with Juanita as the exception, aquired the different versions of the Slipper Watch or who created it is unknown.

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