Silver the Hedgehog
Silver Boom
Vital statistics
Full Name Silver the Hedgehog
Age 14
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Debut Life of Heroes 1
Alignment Hero
Role Time Traveler
Home(s) {{{home}}}
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
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Transformations Super Silver, Temporal Silver
Family unknown


Allies Blaze (girlfriend), Sia, Crash Man, Ice (somewhat), Shadow, Sonic, Sal.


Enemies Demon Sonic, Spark, Shade, NightDusk, Dr. Nebula.
Nicknames Time Traveler,
Status Alive

"Birds attack me! It's like walking around bushes in a Pokémon game!"

-Silver regarding flight in Life of Heroes 3

Note: This character belongs to Sega.

Silver is one of the many hedgehogs in the Life of Heroes RP and Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. Silver first shows up at the hospital to go with Crash Man, Sia and Smerk to the Sub-Version world to find Blaze. During the time in the Sub-Version world, He, along with the other three, meets Fake Blaze and battled with it. And due to one of Fake Blaze's fire blasts, Silver's eyes were bloodshot for a while. When the team found Blaze with Demon Sonic, they fought DS and Silver was reunited with Blaze. Soon later, Silver battled DS alone and killed him. After that, the Night Trio came to capture Silver because they thought he was the new king of the Sub-Version world. But after Sia beame hypnotized by DS, Silver, along with everyone else, made a truse and went to help Sia. At the Foutain of Dreams, Shadow dunked Silver's head in the foutain and healed his eyes. But after everyone came back to earth, Silver's legs was damaged by a Tazdroid's saw blades and was sent to the hospital. In the 2nd RP, Silver came in ramming into Luna, toke the Chaos Emerald she had, and punched her off the edge of the Mt. Fate clift. Later after the heroes and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles tracked them down, both times he tried to protect the emerald. After the misunderstanding was solved, Silver continued with Blaze on there mission while Sal was ordered to stay with the heroes in case they needed back-up. Silver is currently with Blaze in the real form of the Sub-Version realm.

Seven Years Later

In the Seven Years Later RP, Silver is still the boyfriend of Blaze the Cat and is also friends with Sabir Moonstone and Sabir's friends. he first appeared in the RP with Blaze when Sabir and Red appear to get Blaze. Silver fought Red and used his psychokinetic power to throw Red into a pool of lava, though Red escaped at the last second. Then when Sabir attacked him, Silver eventually traped Sabir is a force feild. After Sabir told him and Blaze that Black Doom thretened him to kill his mom and dad, Silver relesed Sabir and teleported to the present time with Blaze ans Sabir. After the heroes found out that Black Doon is vulnerable to nuclear waste, Silver said that he would get some at Marble Zone, but he need a car. After Luna allowed Silver to use her car, Silver went to the future with Espio and Sabir to get the waste and toke them back to the present. After Classic Tails toke the car with a barrel of waste, Silver chases him, running behind the WWII Vehicle Shadow was driving. Silver is currently chasing Classic Tails.


  • In the early times of the RP, there was a running gag in which Silver was hurt badly and a female character rushed to his aid, first Sia, then Blaze.
  • During Pessimis' Shadow, Silver shows off his inability to spin dash as he makes a failed attempt to do so in front of Sabir.