Sia M. Ese 2015
Sia M. Ese is a member of the Diamond Detectives who appeares in the Life of Heroes RP 3. She's the feirstest fighters of the group.
Sia M. Ese's Stats


Sia M. Ese






Cat (siamese)




Charm the Liger, Raven Crow, Amanda Dillo, Lola the Rabbit, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo, Nack the Weasel


Fusions, Dark Black


Although she has no super powers, Sia M. weilds the Magic Boa Staff, a durrable oak staff with a 5 inch blade and a magic orb at the end. She can peirce and slice through opponents with ease, and due to the magic surrounding the staff, the blade never gets dull. The magic orb at the end allows Sia M. to cast spells and use magic on her enemies. The staff can only be wheilded and used by Sia M. due to a magical bond the staff has with her. But this bond is existant by a peice of Sia M.'s hair that is tied to it. If the hair gets emoved, the staff will no longer work for Sia M. and is vonerable for use by the next person who ties a peice of their hair onto it.


Sia M. Ese is stuborn, yet feirce. She doesn't hesitate to attack swiftly and deadly. Sia M. also appeares to not trust males, hensing her lack of trust in the Chaotix. And although she is rash, she is also loyal to the Diamond Detectives.



  • Sia's Magic Boa Staff was inspired off of an acto knife.
  • Sia's original personality was swiched with Charm the Liger's original personality durring her debute into the RP.


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