Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow Riders
Vital statistics
Full Name Shadow the Hedgehog
Age 54 (LoH1-3), 55 (LoH3-present), 57 (7YL)
Birthday June 19
Debut Life of Heroes 1
Alignment Neutral (1), Hero (Part 1-2 of DfA, halfway through 3),

Dark (second half of 3), Hero (4-present), Hero (7YL)

Role Ultimate Lifeform, G.U.N. Agent (only during 2)
Home(s) Seminar Island (currently), Space Colony ARK (formerly)
Species Mobian Hedgehog, Black Arm
Gender Male
Height 3'3"
Weight 77lb
Weapon of choice Semi-automatic pistol
Transformations Super Shadow
Family Luna Moonstone, Black Doom


Allies Maria Robotnik (formerly), G.U.N. Commander (until LoH3), Luna Moonstone, Sia, Randy Smith, Crash Man, Sonic, Rouge, Omega, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Pinky, Q-Pid, Aerial, Athena, Medaka Kurokami, Youka Naze, Rosalina, Baby Luma, Alfa, Rayman, Globox, Teensies, Jessica Albert, Princess Princessa, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Chaotix Detective Agency, Mario, Team Mystery, Team Sonic, Regina Somnia, Lumina Flowlight, Cyrus, Demi, Eli, the President, Shaundi, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Red, Ash's Pikachu, Misty's Psyduck, Laura, Lex, Pierce Washington, Viola DeWynter, Violet Rune, Odette Rune, Lily Rune, Johnny Gat, Johnny Tag, Austin, Dustin, Blaze, Smerk, the Third Street Saints (to an extent), Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Toadbert, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat, Team Rose, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Kumiko


Enemies Black Doom, Red, Satan, Bowser, Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex, Crash Bandicoot (Loh1 only), Rabbids, Jak (LoH3 only), Daxter (LoH3 only), Keira (LoH3 only), Pessimis, Void, Lyric, Morrigan, G.U.N. Commander, Eclipse, Metal Sonic, Metal Sonic 3.0, Metal Sonic Kai, Hyper Metal Sonic, Cyrus Temple, Fake Shadow, Wario, Waluigi, Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Nack the Weasel, Team Hooligan, Team Rocket, Bean, Bark, King K. Rool
Nicknames Faker, Black Blur
Status Alive

Note: This character belongs to SEGA.

Shadow the Hedgehog (シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shadō za Hejjihoggu) is one of the main characters in the Life of Heroes RP and Life of Heroes RP 2: Death From Above and a member of G.U.N..

RP Bio

He first appeares at the beginning of the first RP trying to kill Sia. But Sonic, Randy, Crash Man and Crash Bandicoot came and saved her. After Crash turnes into a giant bandicoot and was about to hurt Sia, Shadow came and saved her. At the beginning, Shadow lost his memory but gets it back before fighting Fake Shadow and getting transported with FS to the Sub-Version world. Shadow next appeared running after Sia when she got upset about accidentally telaporting Fake Shadow with the heroes to the hospital. When Sia said she made the biggest mistake ever, Shadow claimed that he was the biggest mistake ever and soon after yelled at her about it. But after Sia hugged him and told him she was happy that he was alive, Shadow stepped back and ran to the forest Sia was recently at while muttering something to himself. Shadow was about to be shot by Nack when Crash Man toke the shot for Shadow. Shadow soon got into a fight with Nack and was later seen with a bullet wound on his head. Shadow then appeared shortly after Dr. Nebula appeared with his wound gone. While Sia was hypnotized by Demon Sonic, Shade gave Shadow a sleep dart to shoot at Sia. After that, Shadow, along with Crash Man and Crash the Hedgehog, enters Sia's head to stop DS. While in there, a white bubble hit Shadow and reveiled the memory of Maria to Sia's traped spiret. When the gang gets back to earth, Shadow discovers that the explosion there was fake and was caused by Dr.Nebula and his Tazdroids. Around the end of the first RP, Shadow and the gang helps the spy with a monster that was attacking her.

Death from Above

In the second RP, he takes Sia, Crash Man and Smerk to the G.U.N. Headquarters and made them G.U.N. agents and is partners with them and Rouge and Omega. Later, Shadow, Rouge and Omega decided to stay with the heroes ar Q-Pid's uncle's mastion party. While there, Shadow got a little depressed about his past and had a small talk with Luna about it, but got angry and walked away when she mentioned Red. Shadow then headed to the manstion's library to look at books about his past. When Sia came in, Shadow hid behind a tall stack of books, but reveild himself soon after. Shadow then showed Sia a page from one of the books he was reading and reveild a page that said Black Doom turned into a hedgehog once durring "Project Moostone", witch ment Shadow had a little sister. Shadow said he wouldn't look for his sister because he thinks shes dead after Sia asked him if he wus going to look for her. After Sia found a picture of him and Maria and left, Shadow grew a tear in his eye. While the heroes were dealing with the Rabbids, they discover that Shadow, Rouge, Omega and Aku Aku disappeared. However, Sia later used telempathy on Shadow to discover that Shadow was in a cell with Rouge on Black Doom's starship. When the Heroes appeared on the starship, Shadow was freed, along with Rouge, by Sia. Soon after that, a voice whispered into Shadow's ear mentoning that he was Shadow's sister's old friend. Soon after that, Luna used telempathy on Shadow and called him "brother", witch reveiled her to be Shadow's sister. Shadow and the heroes then quickly headed to the room where Black Doom and a trophyfied Luna was in. Shadow then punched Black Doom in the face, kicked K. Rool in the back of the head, and revived Luna. After she hugged him, Shadow told Luna to find the other captured heroes that were turned into trophies. After the heroes entered the location where there were statues of the hero's past boss battles, Shadow noticed that the statues looked realistic. Then when all the statues came to life, Shadow was kicked in the jaw by Fake Shadow. After all the former bosses were defeated, Shadow heads up the moutain to fallow Tails with the other Heroes. When Sia asked Shadow through telempathy what Luna called him, Shadow said she called him "brother", witch had Sia relized Luna as Shadow's sister. When the heroes separated to search for traped kongs, Luna came to Shadow to apologised for mentoning Red in their previouse private talk, but Shadow responded with "Fine." and walked away. Then when Luna wanted to ask Shadow something, Shadow refussed, but then chabged his mind and allowed her to ask. After Luna asked how he was able to control his powers, Shadow showed Luna his inhabitor rings and tells her that they help controll his powers. Later, Shadow helps the heroes fight K. Rool and Razorbeard when they came to stop the heroes. Shadow is currently with the heroes trying to save Luna from the Babylon Rogues.

Death from Above Part 2

Shadow first appeared in Death from Above Part 2 on the Observatory surrounded by cute Lumas, but was "relived" from their pressence by Sia. Shadow's next main action happens the next day, as when Sal told SHadow that they were going to deal with "cute things", Shadow ran away screeming. Soon after he fainted from seeing Mew and stated that there was too much cute. When Shadow woke up, he though the "second Shadow" was Fake Bowser who knocked out Mario. Shadow then used Chaos Sphear on it and soon relized it was Mew useing transform to turn into him. Shadow's next main scean was when Spark snuck on the Observatory to tell Shadow about his sister. When Spark told Shadow that Luna was created fo distruction and that GUN was looking for Shadow by mistake, Shadow's eyes widened. After Spark left and when Sia asked if he was ok, Shadow said he was fine and walked away. Soon after Shadow, along with Crash Man and Sia, reconized Dr. Nebula's voice. When Sia and Venomiss got eaten by a Boo at Ghostly Galaxy, Shadow saved them by useing Chaos Sphear to attack the Boo. In the fight with Mech Goomba, Shadow used Chaos Sheild to reflect the Bob-omb back at the Mech Goomba witch weakened it greatly. When a Blitty hoped out of the rubble, Shadow screemed for a moment befor stateing he was fine. When Mew sat on his head, Shadow screemed and jumped out the window. Upon hitting the ground, Shadow's leg broke and had to be sent to the Terrace by Sia. At the Terrace, Shadow was body-slamed and pounced by a Choomba witch made Shadoe bloody and bruised. After being bandeged by Sia, Shadow was carried back to the mansion by her. At the Mansion, Shadow served as Sia's hands while she served as his legs. At the Observatory, Shadow's leg was healed by the same chant and black Chaos Emeralds Sia and Crash Man used six months ago. Shadow was later seen pushing a really fat and ball like Fat Cat into a Black Hole in Dreadnought Galaxy, along with Espio, Mario, Crash Man, and Oswald. Shadow was later found at the Foutain taring at a Black Hole. Shadow was suprised to see Luna there and asked her when she came to the Observatory. When Luna mentioned "Chozo", Shadow said in sounded familiar befor getting a memory of Maria. When Luna showed him the photo of him with Maria, Shadow was shocked and asked where she got it. Then Shadow said sorry for being so cold to Luna and gave her a Mini Shy Guy. As he gave her the toy, Shadow blushed alittle befor Luna gave him a hug. Shadow is currently on the Observatory.

Life of Heroes 4

During LoH4 (Pessimis' Shadow) Shadow becomes slightly obsessed with the concept of role-playing games, which becomes a trope.


Chaos Spear

Chaos Control

Life of Heroes RP 3

Attacking the Universe

Real Life of Heroes

Shadow (Real Life)
Shadow Real Life
Vital statistics
Full Name Shadow Robotnik
Age 17
Birthday June 19
Debut Life of Heroes 1
Alignment Hero
Role Student, big brother
Home(s) Fourside
Species Human
Gender Male
Height  ?
Weight  ?
Weapon of choice N/A
Transformations N/A
Family Luna Moonstone, Gerald Robotnik
Allies Student Council, IF
Enemies Public Morals Committee, Kyu, S-Sha
Nicknames N/A
Status Alive

In Real Life of Heroes, Shadow lives as a human with his sister Luna under the care of Gerald Robotnik, their grandfather. Their parents were killed in an accident years ago that Luna may have played a part in, necessitating their move to Fourside after years of harassment. Shadow himself suffers from injuries to his ankles and wears special footwear approved by his grandfather so he can walk, although he's aware of how strange the shoes look.

He's shown to be partial to breakfast food.


Luna Moonstone

When Shadow first met Luna, he didn't seem to hold a true relationship with her. After they talked at Q-Pid's uncle's dinner party, Shadow was mad at her for mentioning Red. Since then there relationship was neutral. However, when Luna used telempathy on Shadow for help and called him "brother", Shadow became shocked from discovering that Luna was his sister. However, Spark told Shadow that it was somewhat Luna's fault that GUN invaded the ARK and Maria getting shot. But when Luna returned to the Comet Observatory, he remembered something that had him grom more care for her, but then lost it when the Black Doom Robot reprogramed Luna to be evil.

Life of Heroes RP 3

In Life of Heroes RP 3, Shadow doesn't show much of his relationship to Luna early in the RP due to the lack of her pressence to him. However, after remembering something at Tails' lab, he blamed Luna for Maria's death and pursues Luna on the Death Egg II in attempt to hill her.

Although, after Rouge, Amy, and Cream made a breife attempt to stop Shadow by talking to him, Shadow stops for a moment with a look of remorse in his eyes. Although, Luna, Espio, and Sabir's names were all mentioned in this, so it's currently unknown who exacly he felt guilty for at that one moment, but it's probaly safe to say it wasn't for Luna.

Sia Sapphire

In the beginning of the first RP, Shadow was trying to kill Sia, but soon saved her from a giant, mutated Crash Bandicoot as Super Shadow. He then explained that a Black Mage told him he had to kill her to find more about his past. Since then, they have generally been on good terms (their relationship is almost similar to that of Sia's and Crash Man's.)

Black Doom

Shadow has a morbid hatred for Black Doom, mainly because he duped Shadow into collecting the Chaos Emeralds for him during the events of the 2005 SEGA game Shadow The Hedgehog. But, ever since he found out that the Black Doom they were fighting is a robot piloted by an unaware Cream he's seemed to hate him less.

Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega

Seven Years Later

Seven Years Later Stats
Shadow Adjusting Gloves
"I wonder if I should tell her what he did..."


Sia Sapphire, E-123 Omega, Juliet.


Black Doom.





In the Seven Years Later RP, Shadow is still a G.U.N. agent. He first appeares in this RP when Sia came to visit him to find out why Crash Man acted "strange" around her. Shadow revieled to her that Crash Man found another girl friend and married her. Since Sia left after that, Shadow has been acting strange and more rude then his naturall personality, and the reason is currantly unknown.


  • In Part 2 of Death from Above, it is shown that Shadow strongly dislikes, and possibly fears, cute things. As Shown when he ran away screeming after hearing the heroes were going to collect the Blitties for Broque, also when he saw Mew, he fainted.
  • In Life of Heroes 3, he pursues his sister around the Death Egg II in attempt to kill her. This is simaler to Shadow's chase to hurt Cosmo in the anime show Sonic X.
    • However, there are also some major diffrances to this. Such as Rouge the Bat trying to stop Shadow, while in Sonic X she helped him in the attempt to hurt Cosmo. And Shadow tries to kill Luna because he blames her for Maria's death, while in the anime, he pursues Cosmo because he claims she's a spy for the enemy.
  • Shadow is, essentially, what started the RP.
  • Life of Heroes 4 exposes Shadow's lack of knowledge regarding Pokemon.