Seminar Island13

NOTE: This location is based off of a Tutorial World map from the console versions of Minecraft.

Seminar Island is a hidden island that serves as the main hub world during the Pessimis arch in the beginning of Life of Heroes 4.

Island Layout

Nature Grounds


  • Team Mystery's House
  • Old Man's Cottage

Castle Grounds: Center Square


  • Small Library
  • Potion Brewing
  • Merchant's Trade
  • Weapons and Armor Shop
  • Basement/Mining Tools
  • Viewing Tower
  • Barn, farm, and Fishing Spot

Castle Grounds: Island Backbone (front)


  • Sia's and Crash Man's House
  • Pinky's and Q-Pid's house
  • Elizabeth's house
  • Dinning Hall
  • Infirmary

Castel Grounds: Island Backbone (back)


  • Lumina's and Void's House
    • Secret Garden
  • Alfa's House
  • Fighting Dojo
  • Large Library
  • Seminar Hotel


  • The island's bushes are deadly because of their unique sharp leaves. This is showcased late into Pessimis' Shadow when Demi and "Storm" hide inside them to avoid escape a Cyclops Scarfy.
    • The branches conveniently sliced off the top half of Lightning's jumpsuit.


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