Note: This character belongs to the Sonice Archie Comics.

Sasha Cat is a news reporter who appeares in Life of Heroes RP 3. She will also be one of the hoasts for the blog show Fiction V.S. OCs.

Life of Heroes RP 3

Sasha Cat first appeares in a news broadcast the Chaotix were watching at the hotel in Casino Park. She was interveiwing Dexter about the resistance agenst the Fusions.

Fiction V.S. OCs

Sasha Cat is one of the hoasts for the new blog show Fistion V.S. OCs, along side David Dynamite.


  • Oddly, in the RP Sasha is an adult in the prime time line, while in the Archie Comics she's an adult in 25-30 years later from the prime time line.

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