S-Sha is a member of Hyper Dimension's Gold Third. Appearing cool and reserved, she suffers from an aggravated case of chuunibyou.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes


Although her usual attire in the real world, this is the "most provocative outfit" S-Sha dons during her first photo shoot.

S-Sha is a bored woman who makes little impact on those around her, working the graveyard shift at a local convenience store and remaining dormant in her bedroom during daylight hours. Despite her dismal outlook on life she aspires to become an actress, which Kyu capitalizes on during their first meeting.

Introduced at her boring job as a cashier, S-Sha is approached by a scantily-clad customer, who promises to make her life better and get her into the film industry. This peaks her interest, and she finds herself roped into an erotic photo shoot set up by Kyu to "earn fans."

S-Sha protests, claiming it's not her choice to make (regarding exposing herself), leading Kyu to assume she's religious and lecture her on her freedom as a woman. Following the shoot, the two return to S-Sha's apartment complex in Leanbox whilst discussing Lowee's poor reputation as a community of pedophiles, and possible reasons for them. S-Sha reminds her that Vert is the only adult Patron Unit, and proceeds to get out of the cab leaving Kyu to decide the fate of her photos.

Later that day, S-Sha is revealed to hallucinate and talk to a dead friend, whom she somehow now inhabits the body of. She suffers from either insanity or depression, possibly a combination of the two, to the point where her apartment (possibly where the incident occurred) is devoid of color in her mind. Ridden with guilt, she tries to communicate with her dead friend through the mirror, apparently believing she still inhabits the body. She details her guilt for her friend saving her and for what she's done with her body to achieve her own dream, before the scene fades away to Snake's introduction to Paz aboard Mother Base.

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