STH-07RUSH, also called RushSonic is a Mini created by Tails the Fox. It is part of the Sonic Mini series, being the seventh to have been produced. It is based off of Sonic's appearance and abilities in Sonic Rush.


RushSonic specializes in being able to keep track of it's surroundings at higher speeds than other Minis, and also traveling at higher speeds than them, which is partially due to it's lightweight framework and machinery. The beta exploded upon reaching mach speeds, but this has been fixed in the current model.


  • Good for taking small targets down
  • Very fast


  • Weak
  • Not good for close-quarters combat


"Too easy! Piece of cake!" - upon completing a mission

"<Dying sound from Sonic Rush>" - shutting down due to damage

"I almost had it..." - upon failing a mission

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