Rom V2

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Rom reprises her role as the eldest of Lowee's Patron Candidate twins, and is equally close to her sisters.

She, along with Ram, see the rerun on ZTV of the broadcast detailing the fateful battle Neptune and company had with the other Patron Units, and are shocked when Zone-tan mentions Blanc had to be tazed and airlifted out of Planeptune due to her aggressive attitude.

Despite being the older twin, Ram maintains a dominant position over what the two of them do together (or even alone.) Rom's shy demeanor and tendency to cry prevent her from speaking up, instead only voicing support for Ram's decision making.

She, Ram and Blanc were home schooled together by Mina Nishizawa until Blanc's sophomore year, when the twins also went through an experimental public school phase that failed a few months in due to Ram's spoiled attitude.

She first appears in Real Life of Heroes when Raiden interrupts Neptune and her companions' meeting with Blanc at the Loweean Basilicom. Her older sister summons her for her medical skills before attacking the mysterious robot, although Rom ends up panicking and freezing her before her hammer can hit him. This leads to a horrible scolding after she's thawed, and she leads Raiden and Sara to the infirmary. Upon learning he needs a transfusion of artificial blood, she begins working on a mixture, whilst Ram patches him up for the time being.


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