Note: This character belongs to SEGA.

Ray is a flying squirrel who appeares in the Life of Heroes RPs. He appeares in Life of Heroes 3 as a resident of Wild Sky and debuted in Sabir's Return to the Bad Future as a member of the secret resistance group that fights agenst Lord Fuse and Shadow the Hedgehog.


Main RP

Ray debutes in the main RPs in Wild Sky City. He is visited by Ratchet, Clank, Daxter, Keira, the Cooper Gang, Yoko Sniper, and Juanita the Chameleon, who all came to ask him about Black Doom's Starship. At first he tried to get himself not involved, still haunted by his experiance durring Black Doom's invasion. But after some encouraging words from Juanita, Ray agreed and bid his carring sister farewell before leaving.


As a flying squirrel, Ray has the ability to fly.


Ray, as a former prisoner of Black Doom's Starship, is still alittle tramatized from his experiance, despite the help given to him by Luna. However, he was still willing to help the group find exits and weak points of the ship.

Sabir's Return to the Bad Future

In the bad future, Ray is shown to have a somber personality. Having lost all hope when Espio, Charmy, and Mighty all dies in time passing. Despite the efforts of his friends and team mates, they can't seem to get Ray's spirits up.



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