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Raven Crow 2015
Raven is a member of the Diamond Detectives who appeares in the Life of Heroes RP 3. Out of all the members of the group, Raven is the fastest among them, due to her secret ninja training.
Raven's Stats


Raver Crow






Raven (father was a crow however)




Charm the Liger, Sia M. Ese, Amanda Dillo, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo, Nack the Weasel.


Fusions, Dark Black


Raven has spent many years among a ninja clan that specialize in the secret art of Shadjutsu. Because of this, Raven has the ability to transform into a shadow and slip through even the smallest cracks. She can sneak into the shadows of others and attack them by surprise. She can even make herself a shadow form copy of her enemies. But unlike her former ninja peers, she was gifted with pure Shadowkinesis, allowing her to have complete control of shadows, whereas Shadjutsu is limited to the control of shadows.


Raver is usually emosionless, almost completely deadplan. She keeps a cool aditude and is also seriouse about things. Nothing really bothers her or gets her emotional.



  • Her training as a ninja was first reveled in a two part episode of Ask the Characters.
    • For the same question, Raven also asked that specificly Espio should not find out. It could be possible that only other ninja clans herd about the clan she trained in.
  • Raven is the only bird mobian in the RP so far to not have any relations with the Babylon Rogues.


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