Ratchet All 4 One
Vital statistics
Full Name Ratchet
Age Unknown
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Debut Life of Heroes 3
Alignment Hero
Role Intergalactic hero
Home(s) Unknown
Species Lombax
Gender Male
Height 5'0"
Weight 97.5lbs (44.3kg)
Weapon of choice Omniwrench and a varied arsenal of Gadgetron and MegaCorp weapons
Transformations N/A
Family Unknown
Allies Clank, Crash Man, Sia, Captain Qwark, Jak, Keira, Daxter, Team Mystery, DexLabs, Team Star Fox
Enemies Shadow the Hedgehog (formerly), Black Doom
Nicknames N/A
Status Alive, unknown location

Ratchet is a Lombax hero famous in the Solana galaxy.


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