Raphael the Hedgehog

Raphael's Stats




Luna Moonstone.




not anounced yet

Raphael is the younger brother of Sabir the Hedgehog who appeares in the RP. He's a bounty hunter who doesn't take assassination missions unless the target is Luna Moonstone, who he's been hunting down for a long time to take his revenge for his departed brother.

Helping Red

While sitting in his shack, Red Bloodstone, greeted as an old friend, shows Raphael the wanted poster of Luna and offers to team up with him to get her, to which Raphael accepts immediatly, using this as an opportunity to exact his revenge.

The two manages to sneak on the Comet Observatory while the majarity of the heroes were out, giving them the uper hand agenst Luna. They fought her for some time befor Raphael shot a sleep dart at her, knocking her out. And the two escaped with their captive befor anyone could do anything.

Fighting the Heroes

When they came to turn in Luna to Fawful, Raphael and Red were met by attacks from Shadow the Hedgehog and Espio the Chameleon. Relizing that Luna was getting away, Raphael called Prelate E, Prelate V, and Prelate M to catch her. However, as soon as the heroes left, Raphael got the report from the badly damaged Prelate E that Luna escaped. Irritated at this, he messages the dealer he got the Prelates from to repair them while he thinks about his promis to avenge his brother Sabir.

Looking for Golden Darkness

While the repairs for the prelates were finishing up, Raphael received noticed that the assassin Golden Darkness was captured by Eve after tempting to kill Crash Man and , most recently, Luna. Intrested, Raphael sets out to try to free her and make a deal with her.


  • Raphael strangly shares traits of Nack the Weasel, such as the same fur and eye color and both being bounty hunters, despite the two of them having no concept with each other what-so-ever.

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