Randy's Stats
[[Rcisim anime face|250px]]


Sia (best friend), Crash Man (best friend), Austin (best friend), Dustin (best friend), Sonic, Tails, Knuckles Sophie Sonohara.


Black Doom, Demon Sonic, Anti Randy (Arch Enemy and Twin).








Shy, Friendly, weird, Gothic (kinda)

Seven Years Later Stats
Randy (2)


Sia, Crash Man, Austin (old friend), Dustin (old friend), Skye (his Wife)


None yet






Randy is a 14 and a half years old. He is just a local kid before he joined the group. Randy is with CM, Crash, Sia, Austin, Dustin and everybody else (on the good side) He has a big super power thats called the 9 tails Randy, but the only way for to transform to 9 tails is to make him ANGRY. Randy appears in part 1 and 2 in life of heroes. He loves video games, technogly, comics, and manga.


Crash Man

Crash Man is also one of Randy's close friends. Even though they get in alot of fights and disagreements. They still keep as friends. And still respect each other as friends and as teammates.

Sia Sapphire

Randy has been Sia's best friend since before the RP even began. Sia and Randy's relationship is based off from the relationship SierraSia has with Rcisim319 as best friends.


Randy and Austin are best friends. Even though their total opposites, they still are good friends and agree on everything. Randy's a funny happy (most of the time) character and Austin is mainly a goth.


Randy and Austin met Dustin a little bit before the main action started, they were all 3 friends and hung out alot. The trio started during their high school years.

Anti Randy

Anti Randy is Randy's arch enemy and evil twin. Randy gets blamed for every "evil" thing he did as a child. And hes always showing up as an annoying clumsy enemy who just blocks their way randomly.


Life of Heroes 4

When Sia is waiting for Demeter to pack in 4, she reads some magazines, among them Legends Weekly, where she is the Hero of the Week.

She reads a hateful blurb about CM's history as her "sidekick" and that claims he was responsible for Randy's disappearance.


  • Randy's superpower called the "9 tails" is based off from a popular anime called Naruto Shippuden.
  • Randy's last name is Smith
  • Randy has a secret crush on Spark Topaz.
  • Randy's dark side was going to be Austin, but the idea was scrapped.

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