Raguna (RFF)

Raguna is a mysterious farmer first physically appearing in Life of Heroes 4 as hired help on Seminar Island, though he's been referred to by other characters before as well as appearing as a background character in Real Life of Heroes.

Roles in the RPs

Life of Heroes 4

Elizabeth hires Raguna to take care of her crops and animals on Seminar. This is his first canon appearance.

Real Life of Heroes

Raguna shares gym class with Sara and Noah for 3rd period. He's often seen with Micah.

He and Micah are a part of the mob looking for Neptune following her party's visit to ZOLGE Co.



Main article: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the one paying Raguna, so it's no surprise he treats her politely, putting up with her constant conversation and ogling.


Main article: Steve

It is likely that Raguna and Steve have come in contact at some point, both working under Elizabeth, but they haven't been shown together.



  • Raguna was originally intended to live on Fenith Island, possibly taking over Noah's abode from Margaret and using it as a farm.
  • To make Raguna accessible to the heroes as a peer and accommodate for Elizabeth's romantic interest, his age is kept ambiguous during 4.
    • He appears attending Hakoniwa Academy in Real Life, however.
  • Apparently he spends his free time on Seminar Island browsing Alfa's library.[1]


  1. Raguna: *walks in, covered in mud and sweat and holding a bucket* Like us? Noah: ?? Sia: ? What were you doing just now? Raguna: Slopping the cubic pigs, but I have learned a bit in Alfa's library. (Life of Heroes 4)

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