Ragdolls (ラグドール Ragudōru) are a group of soldiers created and controlled by Morrigan that are introduced in Life of Heroes 4.


Ragdolls are created from the skin and organs of Morrigan's previous victims she killed on Earth to make into her personal army. They are average sized, but they take on the physical features of a Chibi, due to Morrigan using Chibi resources from the Sub-Version Realm for the Ragdolls. Most of the Ragdoll's weapons are created from Morrigan taking out all the blood from each of her victim's bodies and crystalizing them into solid weaponry for her servents to use.




Although none of the Ragdolls have made a physical appearance, Pessimis seems reluctant to allow Morrigan to use them in his operations. This is most likely due to knowing about how they are created and is appalled by it, despite now showing it towards Morrigan herself.


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