The Principal of Hakoniwa Academy was dishonorably discharged by Medaka Kurokami following one too many inappropriate encounters with students. He returned to Japan, taking up residence in Akihabara to satiate his lust.

Role in the RP

Pre-Life of Heroes

Holding his position as principal of Hakoniwa for many years, having worked there since before Ambrose's birth, the man was always a pervert, though as the years dragged on and his former pupils became robust adults this became more and more apparent. Nevertheless, he thoroughly enjoyed his job and consistently organized events for the students, although this was often for the sake of gathering females together.

Shortly before a 12 year old Medaka would begin dating Noah, she used her influence to remove him from the community, having been the most recent (and final) victim of his behavior. This was only after several attempts to discuss his issues that led to him tearing off his clothes and "embracing" her.

Real Life of Heroes

The Principal retains his role at Planeptune's Hakoniwa Academy, but makes his presence less known on account of an agreement with the Public Morals Committee, who cover up his behavior in exchange for being ignored.

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