Vital statistics
Full Name Polaris the Maginairy
Age unknown
Birthday NA
Debut Life of Heroes 4
Alignment Neutral
Role NA
Home(s) Maginary World
Species Maginairy
Gender Female
Height 3'2"
Weight immeasurable
Weapon of choice NA
Transformations NA
Family unknown


Allies Eclipse the Night Terror


Enemies NA
Nicknames NA
Status Deceased

Polaris was a character who was introduced in Life of Heroes 4. She is a deceased maginairy who seemed to have been close friends with Eclipse the Night Terror prior to her death. The cause of her death is currently unknown.


Eclipse Darkling

Although not much is know about their relationship, Eclipse seems to visit her grave from time to time, although through secrecy. Through his conversation during his latest visit, it can be assumed that she befriended other nightmares as well.

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