Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon Trainer.


This page lists all the Pokemon Trainers, Pokemon Owners, and their Pokemon.


Ash Ketchum


Pikachu iks Ash's first Pokemon he got when he began his journey. Though Ash or? any of his Pokemon? has yet to appeare, it's safe to say Pikachu would appear with Ash.


Misty is both a Pokemon Trainer and a Gym Leader.


Though Misty has yet to appear, she is known to be a Water-Type user and can be assumed she'll have Water type Pokemon when she appeares.


May is both a Pokemon Trainer and a Pokemon Cordinater.


Torchik was the first pokemon May choose when she began her journey, so it can be safe to say it'll appear in the RP with her. Despite evolving into it's final stage in the anime, it's still unknown what stage this Pokemon will be in when it and May apeares.


Dawn, like May, is both a Pokemon Trainer and a Pokemon Cordinater.


Piplup was Dawn's first Pokemon when she began her journey, so it's safe to say he'll appeare in the RP with Dawn. Despite refuseing to evolve in the anime, it's unknown if Piplup will eveolve in the RP.

Pokemon Owners



Lex is the only Pokemon Laura has with her. Lex has yet to evolve and can be assumed to know electric attacks, considering he's shocked characters in the RP many times in Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above: Part 2.

Luna Moonstone


Jarachi is a mythical Pokemon who is planned to appeare in the RP after a certain event comes. It is planned to be trusted in Luna's hands after this event by the ones who made the star Luna wears as a necklace.


25 years in the future, an Umbreon that Luna owns is planned to appeare in the RP. It wears a midnight blue collar with a yellow cresent moon on it, indicating the Umbreon belongs to Luna.

Retro Horace


Retro Horace is confirmed to own a Zebstrika from before he was forgotten. It doesn't like him very much no matter what he does.

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