Plutia is the Console Patron Unit of Planeptune in an alternate dimension. Her gentle appearance makes her a difficult person to read.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Plutia B+NvZ

As she appears in "Real Life"

Plutia is a member of the Student Council, having joined to befriend Medaka. This seems to have paid off, as when she debuts at the beginning of Chapter 1 she's monitoring the front door of Medaka's house as the latter tutors primary schoolers, although it's possible this is simply because the tutoring program is a Council-run project. She welcomes "Big Boss"'s embrace, but is put off by her when she gets too "personal". She also seems to impose Maguro.

Although it isn't mentioned during her initial meetings with the main cast, she is a Patron Unit of Planeptune who fell from influence and joined the Student Council with Neptune and Nepugia, the former of which revealed to Sara that Plutia came to their aid when the other Patron Units attacked.

Being a very friendly individual, her kindness and general ditsy behavior have contributed to her deep bond with Nepgear. To maintain this sunny disposition, she relieves stress by taking anger out on her dolls, to avoid lashing out at others. This is revealed to have a direct relation with her "Sadie" persona, as Sadie is Plutia's way of processing intense stress or anger.

As a party member

Plutia prefers to use her dolls as blunt weapons.

Although perfectly comfortable with fighting, her slow reaction time leads to her taking a lot of hits and even missing some of her own, but her dolls' sturdy thread work makes for a fine shield when needed. Because of her generally lazy nature she spends most of her time in the back recovering stamina.

As Sadie, her personality is essentially turned on its ear, as well as her fighting style; quick-witted, precise, and filled with focused rage, she quickly becomes the leader of any party until she's calmed down.

Although her friends assure Sara she's really quite nice, Plutia displays time and time again increasingly hostile behavior towards others, i.e. when Compa wakes up and they visit her, and she insults Marian's hat and breasts, followed by punching a nurse in her own breasts.



Real Life

Main article: Spark Topaz

Plutia holds a grudge against Spark as the latter frequently yells at her for her ditsy behavior, but Plutia's animosity only surfaces as Sadie.



  • The plushie she carries with her is called Nepshie.
  • Despite Noire's alternate Patron Uniform following her own design, Plutia is the one who sewed it.

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