Vital statistics
Full Name Phi
Age 20
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Debut  ?
Alignment Neutral
Role CM's roommate/landlord in Fenith Village
Home(s) {{{home}}}
Species Human
Gender Female
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Weapon of choice {{{weapon}}}
Transformations None
Family  ?
Allies Crash Man
Enemies  ?
Nicknames N/A
Status Alive (unknown location)

Phi is the girl who owns Noah's Fenith home. She is quiet but very intelligent.



When Noah comes to Fenith Island looking for a place to stay, he meets Phi. There she (in debt to several villagers) offers to let him stay in her home, which is conveniently located near the beachfront and bridge to Seaside Hill Zone, as long as he provides her with a steady stream of rupees.

Life of Heroes 1

Although never mentioned or seen, she still allows Crash Man to stay with her after years of loyalty.

During the six months after Life of Heroes 1, CM pays Phi enough to cover her debts, allowing her to finally see the rest of the world, which she promptly does, entrusting CM with her house while she's away. She still hasn't returned in Life of Heroes 4, after about a year.



  • Ironically, Phi leaves Fenith right after her debts (including her house) are payed off.
    • This becomes more humorous for each month she is gone--currently at 17. She leaves 4 months into the 6 month break between the first 2 RPs.

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