Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Peashy was one of the orphans taken in by Planeptune's Basilicom years ago, along with IF and Compa, but she disappeared early into her childhood, causing her friends and Histoire a deal of grief. Her body has never been found and she has never been identified, to this day.

She liked to draw, but was rather dumb, at least in comparison to her "Nep sisters." She had difficulties pronouncing Neptune's name, and because of this her very own nickname for her, Neptuna, was born, alongside IF's Nep and Compa's Nep-Nep. Despite her shortcomings, Peashy happened to hit "like an ox" according to Neptune, from as early as infant hood. Compa was typically the object of her roughhousing.

Peashy was infamous for her initial dislike of "moo moo milk," demanding Histoire breastfeed her, although this was impossible due to their difference in size as well as other factors. Because of this, the one thing the Nep sisters remember about their mother is that she bore exceptional breasts, as whenever she visited them during Peashy's "booby milk" phase the latter would pester her.

Although she never got the chance to meet Nepgear, the Neptune Fan Club's top analysts have theorized Peashy's name for her would be something like "Nepgoo."

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