Pearl Final2
Vital statistics
Full Name Pearl
Age + 10,000 Years
Birthday NA
Debut Life of Heroes 4
Alignment Hero
Role Forcejewel Electrokinetic
Home(s) Temple of Imagination
Species Forcejewel Maginairy
Gender Female
Height 3'2"
Weight immeasurable
Weapon of choice electricity
Transformations Corrupted Pearl
Family unknown


Allies Forcejewels, Lumina Flowlight, Regina Somnia, Sia Sapphire, Crash Man, Alfa the Wizard, Team Mystery, Pinky, Q-Pid, RNA.


Enemies Morrigan, Pessimis, Void, Nightmares, Mephiles the Dark, Eclipse the Night Terror
Nicknames NA
Status Immortal

NOTE: This is an OC that is based off of official characters. With this in mind it's also worth metioning that the official character belongs to SEGA.

Pearl is the youngest of the six members of The Forcejewels who debuts in Life of Heroes 4 during the Pessimis' Shadow arch. She's know as "the cheerful electric user of the group".


  • Pearl is the only Forcejewel member who's color scheam isn't based off the original character from Sonic Shuffle.
    • However, the colors of the original character is used in Pearl's beta design.


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