Vital statistics
Full Name Palutena, Goddess of Light
Age  ?
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Debut Palutena's Regret
Alignment Hero
Role Goddess of Light

Leader of Palutena's Army

Guardian of human life

Home(s) Skyworld
Species Goddess
Gender Female
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Weapon of choice {{{weapon}}}
Transformations N/A
Family Possibly Viridi
Allies Pit, Viridi (Goddess of Nature), Medaka Kurokami (warrior in training), God of Ice, God of Lightning, possibly Zeus, possibly Kratos, possibly Perfect Chaos/Chaos, Harvest Goddesses, Venus (Love Goddess), possibly Love Fairies, possibly Kyu, possibly Pandora
Enemies Medusa, Third Street Saints, the President of the United States, Johnny Gat, Shaundi, Dark Pit, Pierce Washington, Professor Genki and his Genki Girls, possibly Pandora
Nicknames  ?
Status Divine

Palutena (頼みます Tanomimasu) is the Goddess of Light, responsible for protecting humans.



Palutena's Regret

Palutena's List

Palutena's Soldier

Life of Heroes 4

She has been mentioned several times. Additionally, carvings and statues are seen in her likeness.

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