Note: This character belongs to Nintendo's Pokemon.

Palkia is the legendary duel-type Water/Dragon pokemon who is able to control space. It appeares in Life of Heroes RP 3 as being used by Doctor Eggman and Classic Eggman.

RP History

Used by Eggmen

While the capture of Palkia was not shown, Eggman throws a Master Ball when summoning Palkia, noticing that is how he caught Palkia. It was first used to fight the heroes on Angel Island. However, it was soon paralized and unable to fight, so Eggman returned it to it's pokeball befor releasing MissingNo.

Palkia was next used in space to fight Dialga. However, Dialga defeated Palkia shortly after a mysteriouse fleet flew by. Later on, Dialga sees a vision in time that shows it fighting a robotiziced Palkia, witch Classic Eggman mentioned befor that they should have done befor fighting Dialga.

As of now, it's not clear if the Eggmen have actually robotiziced Palkia yet or not.

Move Set

Spacial Rend - A Dragon Type move that has 100 power, but 95 accuracy. Critical hits land more easaly.

Aura Sphere - A Fighting Type move that has 90 power and always hits.

Hydro Pump - A Water Type move that has 120 power, but 80 accuracy.

Earth Power - A Ground Type move that 90 power and 100 accuracy. It could also lower the Special Defence of the opponent.


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