PHANTOM PAIN-091 is a Mini exclusive to Real Life of Heroes, based off of the real-life Venom Snake Nendoroid. Miles Prower developed it, currently at its 91st model.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

As the android's appearance is based on that of Venom Snake, it does not take this form until he is seen. Miles was found testing a crude prototype of it (unknown model) in the park near Planeptune's mall during Chapter 1, when Luna and Shadow stumbled upon the crowd who had gathered to watch it. At this point its appearance was simply a small humanoid with white cloth in place of skin.


The Mini is designed to carry out solo infiltration missions without detection, and to learn from what it sees in action.


Because it is based on the Venom Snake Nendoroid, it is in his likeness.


  • Extremely flexible parts make it a versatile tool.
  • Although it is primarily controlled remotely by a user, it is capable of intelligent independent thought processes and movement.
  • Learns through action, and gradually becomes smarter through experience.
  • Specializes in solo operations, and as such can be disrupted by/disrupt nearby Minis.

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