The PC District is constructed of the center-most neighborhoods in Fourside, and is the only part of the city not claimed by a Patron Unit.

Real Life of Heroes

Comprised mostly of run-down apartment complexes and crumbling skyscrapers, the PC District is actually the home to several successful businesses, such as Little/Big Wave and the Revolving Omelet. Its industrial district is home to rows of warehouses and large shipping containers, which in turn attract vermin seeking shelter.

The streets know little in the way of law and order; street fighters rule, honing their skills by smashing cars to smithereens and challenging strangers to the district. That said, to roam in public is extremely dangerous, particularly after dark.

The Public Morals Committee has tried and failed to wrangle in the district to their control, but their agents are constantly defeated by natives.

Because of its forgotten, abandoned status (lacking a Patron Unit, etc.) it seems to be double as a parallel to Wasteland, and houses some characters from Life of Heroes 2 the main cast forgot about following their departure.

Street fighting

The martial arts scene in the PC District has attracted many a pugilist to its hallowed grounds; many stay to train, living among the typical populace, and in this sense they form a connection with the citizens. An unspoken code of honor limits fighters to exclusively challenge those with an expressed consent to battle; anyone else is off-limits. Of course, not all who enter the district adhere to this, though native fighters will soon inform them in no uncertain terms.

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