Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie is the evil resident of Halloween Town.


Oogie Boogie was running rampant across Wasteland, scaring everyone he could find. Oswald was forced to confine him to Halloween Town using the Mage's Staff. Oogie's been hungry for revenge, and sends it out in the form of Lock, Shock and Barrel, who attempt to find the Mage's Staff and bring it to Oogie to free him. They always fail, though.

Life of Heroes RP 3

A Minor Scare

Oogie Boogie first appears during the heroes' first visit to Halloween Town when they are hunting down Dolan. He pops out from behind a corner and yells "BOO!!!", laughs, and stalks back into the darkness.

Deceiving Luna

Oogie later tries to scare Luna Moonstone after she is sent to Halloween Town. Amazed after she isn't startled by him, he invites her to come join his henchmen. They explain to her she's in Wasteland and what Blotlings are, then challenge her to go to Mickeyjunk Mountain and bring back a live Slobber, to which she accepts.

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