Old Man is a character Sara and "Big Boss" stumbled upon while searching for Neptune on a Sunday. He appeared via rare spawn to give them a history of the original Patron and the modern-day conflict between Patron Units, and seemed intent on giving a boy clad in green a wooden sword. He insisted "Big Boss" refer to him as Old Man.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Old Man approaches Sara and "Big Boss" and enlightens them on the Patron Units' recent history, and to ask them about a boy in green.

He later joins the angry mob wanting Neptune's head following their visit to ZOLGE Co., but only out of confusion (citing it would be less dangerous than going alone.) He searches for the boy in green here too, but to no avail.

On Thursday night when Fue Yobuko regains her sight, Old Man appears on Luna's route home. He spawns somewhere in the dark and leaps out "just in time" to ward off the mechanical hound, which was in fact chasing after a Slime. During the encounter, he reveals he patrols Planeptune nightly looking for the boy in green, and is soon sprayed with mace by Kyu.


During his brief screentime Old Man has proven to be a valuable source of knowledge, directly approaching the heroes on the sidewalk to dispense information on the Patron. Despite this, he mentions his loneliness and that he lives in a cave, and he feels meek by himself.


Old Man wears red robes described as "making the eyes bleed" and possesses an impressively pixelated orange tan. His beard is a pure white.


  • Old Man's hatred of loneliness stems from the line "It's dangerous to go alone!" from The Legend of Zelda.
    • He also makes several references to RPGs of the 1980s-90s, such as when he threatens to call the "oldies-but-goldies" to help him fight "Big Boss."
    • He cites his reason for not initially attacking them as, it's too dangerous to go alone.
  • Ironically, Old Man maintains a thick tan despite life in a cave.

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