Noire V2

Noire is the CPU of Hyper Dimension's Lastation. Out of the four nations' CPUs, she is a textbook tsundere, introverted and seemingly arrogant but caring for her people. She keeps her cosplay well-hidden.

Real Life of Heroes

Noire B NvZ

Noire's school uniform in Real Life of Heroes.

Noire reprises her role as the Patron Unit of the unnamed city's Lastation territory, and before the Public Morals Committee isolated Planeptune she maintained a position as vice president of Hakoniwa's Student Council, under her current rival Vert of Leanbox. She is just as tsundere as usual, and even prefers to wear her school uniform over her Patron uniform.

As opposed to the large fanbase Vert built as the Student Council President and took with her, Noire's is based solely on her reputation as a Patron Unit, impressively rivaling Vert's own. Following the other Patron Units' defeat of Planeptune's Patron Noire no longer attended Hakoniwa Academy, instead opting to pick up her lost credits at Lastation Southern University (LASOU) which she founded years before.

Her style of maintaining a following is much different from the other Patron Units', meaning she relies solely on her performance rather than being a public personality. Because of this, she never quite associated with them, and was never trained by Vert (although the two did work together on the Student Council.) She has a reputation as a loner.

She does, however, or at least once kept a friend in Planeptune.

She's noted for disappearing from the public eye as of late, only cropping up for announcements or when she's necessary.


  • Like all Hyperdimension Neptunia characters appearing in Real Life, Noire's school uniform is from the game MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies.
  • Probably because of her elaborate fashion choices, her wardrobe has a bad habit of malfunctioning in public; most often, the back of her skirt ends up caught in her underwear.
  • Vert returning to govern Leanbox with an established following from Hakoniwa Academy is a reference to Microsoft's reputation long preceding their Xbox console, and Noire's self-consciousness (among other hangups) represent Playstation's sudden burst onto the market, having to compete with established entertainment giants Nintendo and SEGA.


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