Nightmare Castle2

The Nightmare Realm is a world that exists within the Dream Dimension and home of all nightmares. It serves as the main base of Pessimis and his colleagues during the Pessimis' Shadow arc of Life of Heroes 4.


Early History

Like the Dream Realm, the Nightmare Realm was created when Illumina sacrificed herself to stop the Dark Lands Leak. However oppose to the Dream Realm, the Nightmare Realm was feared by maginairies due to being the world made of the Dark Lands' nightmare energy. Their fear soon turned into hatred when the first Nightmare King tried to use his position to control all of the Dream Dimension. Even after his defeat and a more trust worthy ruler was chosen, the first few years of the Nightmare Realm's existence lead to maginairies and other residents of the Dream Dimension with the impression that all creatures born from the Nightmare Realm were evil and that nothing good could come from nightmares.

Life of Heroes 4


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